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The writer’s imperative: be authentic

If you only get one thing right with your writing, make it this… BE AUTHENTIC

Being authentic means being true to how a story would unfold, how a character would behave. It doesn’t mean what you say has to have happened, it does mean that the reader has to believe it could happen.…/episo…/2017-04-03T00_00_00-07_00

The attractive character is the honest character. She is the character in whom we see the keenest desires, the most poignant failures, and the most cherished hopes.

Episode 98 – How to look after yourself and not be a jerk…Living the writer’s life well, with Marie Bilodeau and Derek Künsken

This episode is a conversation with Ottawa based speculative writers Marie Bilodeau and Derek Künsken. We explore how to live the writer’s life well, and what it means to follow the navy maxim that we need to be able to float, sail and shoot. We explore Marie’s experiences with retreats, and Derek’s experiences with sabbaticals, and we reflect on Derek’s best advice for writers: Don’t be a jerk!

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CWT Episode 97 – If you only get one thing right in your writing, make it this…

As of this month (April 2017) I’m working hard on the Creative Writer’s Toolbelt Handbook. As I look back on nearly 100 episodes I’ve realized that there’s one fundamental thing we writers have to do to create great work, and it’s this: be authentic! In this episode we explore what it is to be authentic, and we look at some practical tools to achieve that authenticity.

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