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A whole bunch of episodes…

I’ve been pretty remiss in keeping up to date here with my podcast episodes. So, here’s a quick summary of what I’ve been saying and who I’ve been talking to over the past few months.

Remember, you can access these episodes on iTunes from here and Android from here.

Ep 126 and Ep 127: These episodes are a conversation with the novel editor and writing coach, Ellen Brock. You may know Ellen from her annual Novel Boot Camp event and her series of videos on YouTube. Ellen has a real heart for helping people who want to develop their skills in the craft of writing, and in the first half of our conversation, we talk about the biggest problems writers have with both structuring their work and refining narrative quality. in the second episode w talk about a range of issues including making the right choice for the Point of View of your work, how to create the ideal query letter, and how to utilise the resources that Ellen has made available.

Ep 128: This episode is a conversation with the author and international speaker Derek Künsken. Derek is a Canadian writer who learned the trade with short stories. For a number of years now his work has been accepted by some of the premier magazines in SciFi including Asimov. Derek now has an agent, has signed a two-book deal and is negotiating a further deal and is published in multiple territories and languages. In this conversation, we talk about the transition to novel writing, how to introduce compelling themes and characters, and the perils of hitting the Strunk and White ‘Kool-aid’!

Ep 129: My guest for this episode is the scientist and independent author C. John Arthur. Chris has a Ph.D. in biochemistry and now works in medical research. He has been a reviewer for the British Science Fiction Association’s critical journal, Vector, and has more recently contributed to Focus, the BSFA’s writers’ magazine. He returned to writing short fiction a few years ago and has had stories published in small press anthologies, the latest being ‘The Masque Maker of Venezia’. He is now based in Sweden, and his thoughts on science fiction and science are chronicled occasionally at

Ep 130: What must a scene have to really make it work? It’s not action, it’s not dialogue, it’s not sparkling description, wonderful those these things can be. For a scene to work something that matters needs to change. In this episode, we explore these changes or polarity shifts to show this principle, with an example story that contains some scenes with these shifts and some that do not to show what a difference that make.

Ep 131: This episode is a conversation with award-winning writer and NHS doctor Tade Thompson. We discuss everything from the Wombles to the Fantastic Four, and from the fact that no one gives a **** about your writing unless you make them, to the tropes of English horror.

Ep 132: This episode is a conversation with Steff Green. Steff is a blogger, author, optimist, metal-head, and full-time author. She also suffers from a rare genetic condition which means she is now legally registered as blind. In our conversation, we discuss the challenges that writers who have a disability face, and also how should any writer present a character who has a disability.

EP 133: Can we talk about our work without hesitation, and without feeling like there’s some aspect to it that could have been better? Have we done your best with our book project? In this episode, I look at what it means for us writers to be proud of our work, how we achieve that, and what the benefits are.

Ep: 134: This episode is a conversation with the author, writing coach and academic Dr Ginger Moran. We talk about the right mindset for writing, the different disciplines that we need to bring to the first draft and editing, learning from great writers, and why we writers are such tender souls. And yes, Ginger tells us what that one thing successful books have in common is, enjoy!