CWT Episode 95 – Into the crucible – empowering your work with symbol dilemma and innovation

In episodes 92 and 94 we explored the landscape of genre and trope, theme and moral, and in this episode we continue that exploration with a look at symbol and motif. We step back to look at how all of these aspects of creative writing are connected and how we can use the power of symbols, the fascination with dilemma, and the potential to subvert tropes as tools to empower our work.

CWT Episode 94 – Jesse Pinkman meets Lady Macbeth. Themes ethics and morality in your story

In this episode we explore the right and wrong way to handle themes in our work. We say ‘no’ to preaching and lecturing the reader, and ‘yes’ to weaving the themes we want to present into the story, and giving the engagement of the characters with those themes real consequences. We explore some great examples of how themes can be explored in story, from Elizabeth and Darcy to Harry Potter, and Jesse Pinkman to Lady Macbeth

The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt Handbook

I have CWT Handbook news!

Some of you will know that I’m in the process of bringing the very best of what will be the first 100 episodes of the podcast together in book form. I’ll be publishing this in the autumn of 2017 as The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt Handbook, and it will contain the very best advice and insight from the first 100 episodes of the podcast.

I’ve now got the first draft of the cover art for that book finished, you can see a decent rendering of it here.

I’m really looking forward to bringing you the finished product in the autumn, and I’ll giveyou more news as I get it on this project.

CWT Ep 93 – Interview with Adrian Tchaikovsky

This episode is an interview with award winning author Adrian Tchaikovsky.  Adrian and I talk about the long road to producing publishable quality material, how to work with genres and their tropes, the writer’s life, and why it’s always helpful to have a contact at the Natural History Museum.

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Episode 92 – A home and a market for your story. Navigating your way around trope and genre

What genre does your story fit into? And how can you use the tropes of that genre to make your story fresh, original, and compelling? In this episode we explore the challenge of identifying the genre or genres of your story, and looking at way to embrace the tropes of that genre by re-imagining them and subverting them to keep your work interesting and cliche free.

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The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt Episode 91 – Stay on target! How to write a great action scene

For this episode I am again joined by Jessi Rita Hoffman. Jessi is a former publishing house editor-in-chief and award-winning magazine editor now offers professional book editing services and author coaching. In this episode Jessi and I discuss the key elements of the action scene. From the need to keep the prose tight, to managing the rising tension, from dumping those ‘hedge’ words, to not telling us how much your protagonist is bleeding. Remember – keep the girl, or guy, fighting!