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Episode 122 – You’re not reading, you’re performing! A conversation with audio narration expert Sean Pratt

“It’s a performance, not a reading”, so says audio narration expert Sean Pratt. Sean has 30 years experience as an actor and voice-over artist, and in 22 years as an audiobook narrator, he has worked on close to 1,000 projects. In this episode, he lifts the lid on the audiobook business and gives us writers some expert tips on speaking well at public events, including book readings. He also tells us what an author needs to know if they decide to narrate their own book.

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Episode 120 – A conversation with award winning travel writer and entrepreneur Tim Leffel

Travel smart and write smart – with Tim Leffel 

Tim is an award-winning travel writer, the author of a number of books including The World’s Cheapest Destinations, Travel Writing 2.0, and Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune: The Contrarian Traveler’s Guide to Getting More for Less. He is also an established blogger, speaker and ghostwriter and in this episode, we talk about Tim’s experiences as a writer of non-fiction, how to get started and thrive as a blogger, and Tim gives us his hints and tips on making your writing time more efficient.

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Episode 119 – The responsibilities of being a god: omniscient PoV – Point of View part 2

In this second part of a two-part series on point of view, we look at the challenge of using omniscient third person point of view. Often seen as old-fashioned, and definitely, a challenge to use successfully, this PoV option is making something of a comeback and is the right choice for some work.

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Episode 117 “Who are you and why are you good to tell it?” A Conversation with Brendan O’Meara of the Creative Non-fiction Podcast

I recently spoke with fellow podcaster, essayist and award-winning journalist Brendan O’Meara. We talked about the challenges that writers of both fiction and non-fiction face, the issue of finding time to write, the value of having momentum, and the goal of building up a body of work to close the creative gap.

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CWT Episode 97 – If you only get one thing right in your writing, make it this…

As of this month (April 2017) I’m working hard on the Creative Writer’s Toolbelt Handbook. As I look back on nearly 100 episodes I’ve realized that there’s one fundamental thing we writers have to do to create great work, and it’s this: be authentic! In this episode we explore what it is to be authentic, and we look at some practical tools to achieve that authenticity.

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