The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt Handbook

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A writer’s jump-start from Equipped to Write

Practical solutions for better writing and effective marketing.

As a writer, you need to wear two hats. You must become proficient in the craft of creative writing, but now you must also develop ways to effectively market both yourself and your work; and this applies whether you publish your own work, or you have a contract with a commercial publisher.

Facing these challenges can seem like a daunting prospect, especially when the resources to help you seem to focus on just one or other of these demands.

A Writer’s Jump-start has been designed to address the need for writers to both develop in the craft and create their own marketing plans. Through four intensive sessions, including a Q and A with the conference speakers, you’ll be provided with of ideas, insights, and resources to jump-start your capabilities as a writer and as the marketer for you and your own work. We’ll cover the essentials of creative writing and marketing, as well as providing tips and guidance on writing non-fiction. You’ll receive a range of resources to take away with you, including exclusive access to extracts from Andrew Chamberlain’s newly published The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt Handbook and resources to help you develop a marketing plan for your own brand and your own work.

Jump-start your writing skills and marketing capabilities in just one day. Sign up now for A Writer’s Jump-start – for better writing and effective marketing.

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