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Episode 120 – A conversation with award winning travel writer and entrepreneur Tim Leffel

Travel smart and write smart – with Tim Leffel 

Tim is an award-winning travel writer, the author of a number of books including The World’s Cheapest Destinations, Travel Writing 2.0, and Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune: The Contrarian Traveler’s Guide to Getting More for Less. He is also an established blogger, speaker and ghostwriter and in this episode, we talk about Tim’s experiences as a writer of non-fiction, how to get started and thrive as a blogger, and Tim gives us his hints and tips on making your writing time more efficient.

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Episode 119 – The responsibilities of being a god: omniscient PoV – Point of View part 2

In this second part of a two-part series on point of view, we look at the challenge of using omniscient third person point of view. Often seen as old-fashioned, and definitely, a challenge to use successfully, this PoV option is making something of a comeback and is the right choice for some work.

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Episode 117 “Who are you and why are you good to tell it?” A Conversation with Brendan O’Meara of the Creative Non-fiction Podcast

I recently spoke with fellow podcaster, essayist and award-winning journalist Brendan O’Meara. We talked about the challenges that writers of both fiction and non-fiction face, the issue of finding time to write, the value of having momentum, and the goal of building up a body of work to close the creative gap.

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Episode 115 – Keeping the god in the machine. Why ‘Deus Ex Machina’ endings suck and how to avoid them

Deus Ex Machina or ‘god out of the machine’ endings have a rich heritage going back to the Ancient Greek Theatre. But they are a terrible model for endings in creative writing. In this episode, we explore what Deus Ex Machina endings are, why they are so bad for creative writers, and how we can create a much better ending that will give credibility to our work and satisfy our readers.

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Episode 114 “You’ve got to know what you want to say!” A conversation with Story Grid Certified Developmental Editor Lori Puma

 This episode is a conversation with story grid developmental editor Lori Puma. In our conversation, we talk about why stories matter, and what we as writers should do about that. We discuss the way in which Story Grid and a developmental editor can actually help authors, and we reflect on the way in which personal tragedy can inform both our lives and our stories. You can find out more about the Story Grid process here: and about non-violent communication here And you can find out more about Lori at her website:

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Episode 113 – You have the most important job in the world and here’s why

Writer’s have the most important job in the world. Does that sound like hubris? Well, I would suggest that it isn’t. Stories are of profound importance, and as storytellers, we are the custodians of these precious artefacts, as such it behoves us to be as authentic as possible, to practice our craft, and to be as brave and persistent as we can be.

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Episode 112 – Of Monkeys and Manuscripts: a conversation with writer and BSFA Award winner Gareth L. Powell

 This episode is a conversation with award-winning science fiction and alternative reality author Gareth L Powell. We talk about how maturing as a writer and a person can inform our work, Gareth’s advice for developing authentic and rich characters, and the inspiration behind his new book Embers of War. Gareth can be reached at his website and on Twitter at @garethlpowell

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Episode 111 – Do you know what your book is really about? Cutting through the noise with book coach Jennie Nash

This episode is a conversation with book coach Jennie Nash. We learn about the difference between wishing you had written a book and actually writing one, the three essential pillars of effective book coaching, and how to work out what your story is really about. Don’t just have a good idea, write the book! Jennie can be reached at and


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