How can I help you?

As a writer and creative writing mentor, I have two tasks:

 – to write the best stuff I can and

 – to help YOU be a better writer, and produce great work.

Please do drop me a line and tell me about the challenges you’re having with your writing project.

Want to know more about the Indie Novelist Summit?

The Indie Novelist Summit is an online event for anyone who wants to get expert advice on the craft of fiction writing and on the skills and techniques you need to bring your work to publication. The summit will feature thirty international speakers including the novelist and writing coach C.S. Lakin, the international award winning and best selling writer James Scott Bell, the wonderful Indie writer and guru Joanna Penn, who has been a guest on the podcast, and also yours truly talking about developing compelling characters for your work.

Sign up for the summit here.

The summit will run from 17th to 21st October 2018 and you can sign up now for the free pass, or, to get lifetime access to teaching from all of those speakers, special deals and discounts on a range of products for writers, and additional exclusive bonuses, sign up now to the premium pass.

 – expert tuition and guidance from 30 international speakers

 – advice and insight for the craft of writing and the practical skills you need to bring your work to publication

 – bonus tools to help you with your writing and discounts on a range of writer’s products.

Sign up for the summit here.

Other Resources to help you

Check out my podcast “The CreativeWriter’s Toolbelt”

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You’ll find all of the very best advice from the first 100 episodes of the podcast in the Creative Writer’s Toolbelt Handbook available in paperback and ebook.