Hi my name is Andy Chamberlain, I’m a writer and creative tutor. You can check out my podcast, The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt for insight and advice on the craft, and you can also find it on iTunes.

Register at the Contact page to get a free copy of The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt Highlights, a selection of the best advice and insight from the podcast and a foretaste of the more comprehensive Creative Writer’s Toolbelt Handbook, which will be out in the Autumn of 2017.

The Highlights e-book gives you some of the best insights I’ve gathered from nearly 100 episodes of the podcast around the areas of:

  • Planning your story
  • Characters and characterisation
  • Setting and Worldbuilding
  • Research
  • The building blocks of writing
  • The sound of your writing

The Handbook will explore these areas in more detail, and also cover some additional areas of writing including. For now, this e-book gives you some of the vital lessons from my own experiences of writing, and from listening to what my expert guests have to say.

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